• Discover how much you can receive back if you recycle your old mattress with us when we deliver your new mattress.
    Small Single Sprung/Hybrid £40
    Small Single Foam £60
    Single Sprung/Hybrid £40
    Single Foam £60
    Small Double Sprung/Hybrid £50
    Small Double Foam £70
    Double Sprung/Hybrid £60
    Double Foam £80
    King Sprung/Hybrid £70
    King Foam £90
    Super King Sprung/Hybrid £80
    Super King Foam £100
  • The EKO Mattress

    A 6lb chip foam lays the solid foundations for which the EKO is built, providing both durability and stability. Above this, our unique latex infused reflex foam providing a superior level of support at a fraction of the cost. Topped by a medium density Vasco memory foam, utilising the latest in open cell technology to regulate airflow constantly. 8 year warranty included.
  • A combination of dense, shape forming, space technology memory foam. Encasing a luxurious feather and down pillow. The combined areas of comfort create an unbeatable comfort which is unmatched in the pillow market. The fully UK manufactured pillows offer a guaranteed satisfaction and will transport you to a sleep like no other. Vasco 55kg – Memory foam – fully fireproof and orthopaedic tested Feathers – 50 50 feather and down combination. Sourced from France and NOT from China.
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